All the La boule d’or bocce models are guaranteed perfectly spherical and balanced thanks to the exclusive fusion patented by us, which makes the tool one of the most resistant to shocks, giving it an exceptional dimensional stability. The characteristics of the bocce manufactured by us are strictly in compliance with the international technical regulations of the FIB and the models are approved.

Pointer or shooter, beginner or expert player, you will find the product that will satisfy you and will allow you to better enjoy your passion. The fillings used, most of which have been developed thanks to our experience and patented, guarantee an exceptional performance in all playing conditions.

The La boule d’or bocce can be made with the weight and diameter most in line with your needs and customised with your favourite lines, which you can choose among from a wide range of possible options.


All the metallic fillings are our patent.
The models described here below are also available in white alloy.


The TBK T/P, one of the best-selling models, is recommended mainly to the versatile shooters and ensures very good performances both on the shoot and the point.


The TBK P/T is recommended to those players that prefer poibting rathre than shooting, whilst ensuring good performances on both.


The PLUS, the most-sought after model, grants optimal performances both on the shoot and the point.


The CINETIK, the model of excellence of La boule d’or, is highly recommended to the head shooters, whilst maintaining a good performance on the point as well.


The TBP has been developed specifically for the pointers. With its rubber beads filling resistant to the thermal shocks, it ensures an exceptional gliding on the fields.